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Writing is for everyone

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

It dawned on me today how much words help me. I don’t believe that writing is just for those who want to make a living from it - I think words have the power to help us all. So here are just some thoughts from me on how to bring a little writing into your life.

I’d genuinely encourage anyone to work through any issues with words on paper. Now it doesn’t have to be a published blog for all to see. Believe me when I say there are reams of my words (good and bad) in the abyss which is my archive! Maybe one day they’ll reach ‘published’ status, maybe they won’t. But that’s not the point. Because every single one has played a part in helping me to understand where I’m actually at.

So here’s a couple of things I’d highly recommend you try. Even if you’re skeptical, just humour me.

  • When something has pee’d you off, write a letter.

Clarity in your own mind, in any situation, will almost always result in a better outcome. The trouble is, when we’re peeved, emotions are running too high to really unpick what the actual feeling is. Taking 10 minutes to write your thoughts on paper seriously helps. Don’t hold back – write exactly the words that represent how you’re feeling. You don’t need to be J.K. Rowling here. And swearing is permitted too. Yay! It’s not being sent anywhere, it’s just a tool that allows you to process what’s happening in your head. When you read it back, 9 times out of 10 you’ll spot some words that make you a) less angry and b) much clearer on the real issue. Golden rule – it goes nowhere. Burn it if you must! This is for you and you only. So go wild with it!

  • Get yourself a pretty notebook and call it your Little Book of Nice Things.

Isn’t it funny how much energy we put into feeling it when things go wrong, but the good stuff – well we seem to just allow it to be a fleeting moment that we rarely hang on to. If we just put some energy into the nice bits, that’s got to be a good start at feeling happier right? My notebook is sufficiently pretty and starting to be filled with lovely snippets of the good life. And it could be anything in there – a compliment someone gave you that made you smile, a book you read that you thoroughly enjoyed, something a teacher said about your kids that made you beam with pride, a delicious meal that you loved, an achievement, fun with the kids, a new skill mastered… the list is endless! By taking the time to think about it enough to write it down, it cements that thing just a little bit more securely in your brain. Even if you just find one thing to write in it each day, that’s one moment in every day that you can smile and enjoy a good feeling. And when you’re feeling down, or things are going wrong, you now have a Little Book of Nice Things that you can read through to remind yourself it’s not all bad.

So that’s it really. I just wanted to share how words help me.

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Treat yourself to a Little Book of Nice Things

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